Guide To Choose Golf Attire

Golf had several issues you need to consider to prepare well, from equipment such as golf balls, golf clubs, golf learning option you also need to know certain rules of golf

One of the reasons golf is considered gentlemanly sport is because players always adhere to the norms of etiquette on the field. From costumes to pose, posture and golf, golfers need to comply with these rules.

Golfing attire are not picky and showy, but it complies with the basic characteristics, so when other people will get a look at it was announced golfing attire.

Related to the rituals of dress, the player needs to follow these rules in order to honor the tradition of the Game. Here we will guide you to choose outfits chain best golf.

Wear A Collared

Dress etiquette on the golf course started to wear a collared shirt. Although most of the short-sleeved shirt in playing golf, there are now many options long sleeve dress is available in the pro shop and sporting areas. The usual type of neckline is easy mesh material out sweat in summer.

Women should also wear a collared shirt, but the neck is not too late. Although the golfer is not necessary to keep the shirts without wrinkles, but it also needs to look clean and tidy. In cold weather, golfers are allowed to wear sweatshirts or external wind vests T-shirts.

Wear Shorts

Your golf trousers should also comply with the regulations, golfers love should require proper training ground of it, so when you play golf forced to the training ground, and when next you need to follow the rules, otherwise you will not be accepted at the door

Golfers should wear khaki pants or shorts. The types of clothing such as jeans, pajamas, sweatshirts and pants walking on the field can’t be accepted. Short pants and shorts should choose solid colors and wired to the waist; tops belts should be tied neatly whether it is not intended to hold shorts. Women may choose to dress but should not be too short.

Shoes And Hats

The golfers must wear soft spikes golf. In order to avoid damage to the artificial grass is very thorough care of the training ground every day and the manager.

Generally sneakers, flip-flops or sandals are not going to play golf. Usually white socks suitable for all kinds of clothes shoes hats, but black socks will also help create a strong impression. Baseball Hats and caps are always accepted on the golf course.

Finally, hat and glasses is a practical accessory has just fashion. Whether for golf caps, baseball caps or wide-brimmed hat that older golfers used to wear, you’ll see them make your outfit more attractive and prevent your face from the sun.

Color scheme is also difficult as the golf tip, golfer simplest choice to wear neutral colors and light-colored shirt. When choosing costumes, players should focus on the following criteria: form (fitting, comfortable, good looking); Fabric (dry capability, high elasticity, laundry easy, durable and non-fading); Logo (not flashy and well-known).

Playing golf requires a few people adhere to its own rules, although it really does not affect the game. This also helps you create habits and principles adhere to the seemingly smallest things. Perhaps this is also one reason for most successful people choose golf as a popular passion of his.